International Women’s Day

5th. March

Donabate/Portrane Community Centre

Donabate will celebrate International Women’s Day on Sunday March 5th from 12.30 ~ 6.00pm in the Donabate/Portrane Community Centre.

With thanks to the generous support of Fingal County Council, the Bleeding Pig Cultural Festival will host a day of activities and entertainment, specifically aimed at our female residents.

“Sisters of the Revolutionaries”.
Sisters Teresa and MaryLousie O’Donnell will open the day with a talk on their book based on Patrick Pearse’s two sisters Margaret and Mary Brigid and called “Sisters of the Revolutionaries”.
This talk will to accompany an Exhibition in Studio 1  based on the book ‘Sisters’ about “sisters in Ireland who have made a difference”. This exhibition will be open all day.
The O’Donnell sisters are accomplished harpists and their talk will be interspersed with music and songs.
“A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved”
Informal talk and discussion by Physiotherapist Ann-Marie Ennis. She will discuss the inconvenient and uncomfortable condition of female incontinence, its causes, incidence and what we can do to help. She will recommend suitable exercises followed by a Q&A session.

“Your Crowning Glory”.
 Ann O’Reilly from Hair Rootine will give a presentation about haircare “Your Crowning Glory”. She will discuss good hair practice, home treatments, cuts and colour the importance of a good diet and using appropriate products.the presentation will be followed by a workshop  on how to do various types of braids including Fishtail braid, French braid, Waterfall braid, Celtic braid.

“Knowing No Boundries”
Hannah Daly is a paediatric Occupational Therapist and an advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner who is profoundly dyslexic, dyspraxic and has sensory processing disorder. She has multiple university degrees, but still cannot read or write. In her book ‘KNOWING NO BOUNDARIES’, she gives an honest account of living with these hidden disabilities.

  “Mental Health, it begins with…. ME”
“If you don’t like something, change it. if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it:” Mary Englebreit. Take some time to think about our own internal strengths, only when we are strong enough can we hope to support the internal strength and  mental health of those around us.- Presentation by Anna Marie Luddy (SAMH).

Music and songs by Mná Ukulele

 Peig McManus reads a short piece from her soon to be published memoirs

“I Will Be Good”

.Come along to Donabate Portrane Community Centre on Sunday March 5th between 12.30 and 5.30pm. Refreshments available all day. Come and meet up with friends and celebrate being a woman!



8th. March      8pm

St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland, The Square, Donabate. Co. Dublin. K36 Y521


Meet Wadjda, a sarcastic, funny and streetwise ten-year-old girl whose unconventionally carefree demeanor not only sets her apart from most girls in her school but also frequently lands her in the headmistress¹s office. Living in Riyadh with her young, beautiful mother who struggles with an absentee husband looking to marry a second wife, Wadjda strikes up a friendship with Abdullah, a neighborhood boy drawn to her confidence and charm. She spots a shiny green bicycle in the local shop and becomes determined to scrounge up enough money to buy it so that she can race Abdullah, a culturally unacceptable action with potential societal repercussions. Wadjda enters her school¹s Koran recitation competition with her eye on the cash prize. As her school continues to crack down on the individual rights of its students, Wadjda stands steadfast, wise beyond her years and in opposition to a society loathe to recognize self-expression, a girl unwilling to surrender what she wants.

This groundbreaking first feature film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia and the first by a female Saudi filmmaker, Haifaa Al-Mansour¹s Wadjda offers a moving, rarely seen picture of everyday life in Riyadh. With a central character so unique to the screen, Al-Mansour has crafted a subtle counterpoint to the images of females the world is accustomed to seeing, a character who holds hope for the future.

7th. to 17th. September 2023
After a very successful comeback last year we will be back again next September for another 11 days of events. Many will be familiar to those who attend every year and as usual we will have new events to entertain you.

In the mean time we have International Women’s Day coming up on the 8th. March and our monthly film screenings from January to June from Lambay Cinema Club on Thursdays in The Church of Ireland’s church @ The Square.

Details of all our events are on our Facebook page and website.

September is Festival time again on the Peninsula!

Where did name for the Bleeding Pig Cultural Festival come from?
A commonly asked question from people new to the area.

Below the cliff walk from Tower Bay in Portrane and The Shoreline hotel in Balcarrick are numerous caves – a few of which are famous in the area – ‘Priest’s Chamber’- ‘Chink Well’- ‘Bleeding Pig’ and ‘Mermaid’s Churn’. Bleeding Pig a well known rock from which water drips red. – probably due to composition of rock The rock itself is in the shape of a pig – hence the name

When the then committee back in 2013 came up with the idea to form a cultural festival to promote the arts in the area they needed a name that would link the two area of Donabate and Portrane. As these caves are between both places it was decided to use Bleeding Pig in the name so….
The Bleeding Pig Cultural Festival.

The Bleeding Pig Cultural Festival committee are a group of local people either involved in or interested in the arts. The committee was formed in 2013 to help promote the arts on the peninsula of Donabate/Portrane.

Chairperson – Peig McManus

Secretary – Eilis McDermott

Director of Festival – Eilis McDermott

Treasurer  – Larry Carolan

PRO – Emer Weston, Aine Duffy, Sharon Scully.

The  aim of the Festival was to bring together different cultural groups on the peninsula of Donabate/Portrane under one grouping and to enable these groups to reach a wider audience within their community. In this way we had hoped to attract a wider audience and appreciation of the cultural groups in our area. We think we have achieved our aim and have also helped different groups to come together and collaborate on projects we have initiated like the 1916-2016 rising commemorations, International Women’s Day and more recently the Harry Clarke exhibition. We have also worked hard to reach out to all age groups and to all areas of arts and culture in the hope that audiences can more fully understand and appreciate the different arts and culture traditions that exist around them.

We have also recently formed a film club Lambay Cinema Club to show films on a monthly basis.

We provide a central platform for all cultural and arts groups on the peninsula and beyond to enable them to promote their craft.

We run a Facebook page and a website to help advertise our events, we organise venues and facilitate individuals and groups to meet up and hopefully collaborate on projects. We also provide funding through Fingal C.C. and our own fundraising efforts.

We also provide insurance for the various amateur groups when they display at Bleeding Pig Cultural Festival events.

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