About Us

Welcome to The Bleeding Pig Cultural Festival.


We are now into our sixth year running the Festival and each year we have been adding new events  and also adding days to the Festival  to accomodate the new events.

This year the festival will start on Fri.7th. Sept.  and run until Sun. 16th. Sept.

The initial aim of the Festival was to bring together different cultural groups on the peninsula of Donabate and Portrane  under one grouping and to enable these groups to reach a wider audience within their community. In this way we had  hoped to attract a wider audience and appreciation of the cultural groups in our area. We think we have achieved our initial aim and have also helped different groups to come together and collaborate on projects we have initiated like the 2016 rising commemorations and more recently the Harry Clarke exhibition. We have also worked hard to reach out to all age groups and to all areas of arts and culture in the hope that audiences can more fully understand and appreciate the different arts and culture traditions that exist around them.

Of course to to enable the Festival to grow and to keep it interesting for audiences we have had to look further afield than our own peninsula, so as well as bringing you the local talent we now look outside our own community to bring interesting and entertaining events like last years Planetarium and the now annual Festival of short films.

If you enjoyed the historical walk or the photography exhibition or the festival of short films they will be back again this year. We will also have many new events in different locations on the peninsula.

If you have been before we look forward to seeing you again and if its going to be your first time we hope you enjoy it and maybe bring a friend along.

Entry to all the events is free and the committee would like to thank the following. Fingal Co.Co.,  Progressive Credit Union, Tesco Donabate,  local businesses, churchs,  Donabate Portrane Community Council, all the groups who take part and the local community for their support in sponsoring and attending this event.

The Bleeding Pig name comes from a rock formation adjacent to the cliff walk between Portrane and Corballis so called for it’s shape and rock colour. So there, take a walk and see for yourself.