Film Festival

Short Film Festival

Join The Bleeding Pig culture and arts festival for three nights of exceptional  Short films. from Monday 4th-Wednesday 6th of September from 8.30pm.
Come along and have a pint and watch some quality films.
Curated by Emma Fagan,freelance film publicist and volunteer with Fingal Film Festival, this event presents short films from some of the most talented emerging filmmakers in Ireland.
Over the three nights the schedule will include comedy, mystery, thriller, drama and animation from award winning films from Fingal Film Festival, Chicago Irish Film Festival, Galway Film Fleadh and many more.
….. 😉

Exploration Dome

Ireland’s most Advanced Mobile Planetarium

“We bring the Wonders of the Universe to your doorstep”
Let us take you on a wondrous trip through our Universe in our fully immersive 360 degree Planetarium. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be an astronaut, swim with a shark, visit the planets and lot more in a fun, safe and interactive way?

Then come see us at … Donabate/Portrane educate Together

Shows will start @ 11.00 – 4.30 Please arrive approx. 5 minutes before the show, so everyone can get into the dome by starting time. For more information see


11:00  – 11:35               Family    – “The Enchanted Reef”                         

11:45  – 12:10               Family      – “We are Aliens”                        

12:20  – 12:50               Age 12+ – “Two Small Pieces of Glass”                            


13:15 – 13:50                Family  –    “The Enchanted Reef”                               

14:00 – 14:25                Family  –     “We are Aliens”                         

14:35 – 15:05                 Age 12+ –    “Oasis in Space ”                             


15:30 – 16:05                Family  –     “The Enchanted Reef”                    

16:15 – 16:45                Family  –       “We are Aliens”                       

We are Aliens (25 Minutes) Narrated by Rupert Grint  All ages.

Earth. It’s now a small world. The human race is connected better and faster than ever before but what about elsewhere? Could we one day be part of a galactic community sharing our knowledge and ideas? Or is Earth the only planet with life?  WE ARE ALIENS! takes you on an epic ride in the hunt for the evidence of alien life. Trailer

Two Small Pieces of Glass (30 minutes). All ages.

A fantastic full dome show about the history and science of telescopes. Who invented the telescope? How have astronomers employed these astounding instruments to unravel the Universe’s deepest secrets? Trailer



Oasis in Space (24 minutes).
Oasis In Space transports the audience on a startling and beautiful voyage through our universe, galaxy and solar system in search of liquid water – a key ingredient for life on Earth. Trailer

Puca Puppets

“Come accompanied by an adult, leave accompanied by a puppet…”
This is the promise of Niamh Lawlor of Púca Puppets.
Niamh is holding a puppet making workshop in The Parish Hall, Donabate for children ages 8 – 11 years, on Saturday 9th. September at 10.30 pm.
“…bring an overall or wear clothes that you don’t mind getting glue on.”  recommends Niamh.

Founded in 1997 Púca Puppets produces shows for both children and adults in various contexts – from Dublin Canals to Meeting House Square, in theatres and festivals from Ballymun to Bangkok.
Popularly Púca is mis-translated as ‘ghost’ but in fact a Púca, ‘Puck’ in English, is a mischievous spirit who delights in changing shape. Often appearing as a horse, but with the power of human speech, it tries to entice people onto its back to take them for a wild ride. We liked the implication that our hands could become any character
though the medium of puppetry. Whether it be vegetables and kitchen tools in Stone Soup, or hand crafted puppets in the award winning Songs In Her Suitcase, where the late cabaret performer Agnes Bernelle ‘possessed’ puppets and masks to tell her life story.
Like the Púca we delight in letting each story or theme suggest the form used, whether shadow puppets for Róisín agus an Rón – ‘Róisín and the Seal’ where the dream-like images suit the idea of seals changing into people, or in Mary Mary’s Last Dance where the manipulators of the table-top puppet double up as her guardian angels. Like all theatre our work is very collaborative. In performance this is through the shared imaginations of audience and performer. In its making it is through artists devising together or through consultation with our prospective audience in various ways.
A Participative Arts practice is central to the work with many artist in residencies over the years, see the Workshop section for further information. Here you will also find examples of our puppet and prop making for other theatre companies

Samba Drumming Workshop

A Workshop.

How, Aims, Objective.

Samba Drumming / Percussion Workshops.

When partaking in a rhythm workshop, in order to remember the many different grooves, Kieran uses a technique where by people learn short little rhymes which can then be transferred into rhythms.

“Kada, Ka Boom, Kada, Ka Boo Boo Boom.”

This is often a participant’s very first introduction to music making. It may sound a little strange but the end result is that very soon Kieran will have the whole group partaking in a collective music making experience. The added advantage is that the groups very quickly become relaxed and are easily able to  enjoy the next phase of the workshop. It has been proven that if you are in a relaxed atmosphere, this creates an excellent environment for learning.

Below are some aims and objectives of a Samba Drumming / Percussion Workshops


To introduce hands on music making.

To enhance Personal Development.
To enhance Group Development.
To explore new ways of learning whilst learning new skills.
To part take in a community music making event.
Local performance,
Festival presentation,
Festival Parade,
To breakdown barriers of creed and culture.
To exchange different and new ideas.
To develop communication skills.
To present the organisation in a modern and positive light.


Run a stand alone or a serious of one and a half to two hour workshop consisting of warm ups, rhythm exercises, clapping rhythms, body rhythms and learning a completed composition on the Brazilian samba drums.

Becoming part of a common learning experience in community music / samba percussion.

Creating a relaxed environment where people can feel comfortable in expressing themselves.

To gain the feeling of achievement in a group context on completion of the musical session.

It has been my experience to run projects with a certain openness, both in what the group may require along the way and what new ideas may arise from the sessions. Different elements can be changed to suit requirements but the basic structure will look the same.

  What Happens.

Each session starts off with a brief history of samba music its Afro/Brazilian origins and where it can be found today.  We then go on use some warm up exercises to get a little rhythm in everyone.  This is followed with us all learning a or selection of rhythms.  I introduce everyone to the family of Samba instruments, their names and how they are played. They are all handed out and by the end of the session the participants themselves are playing a rhythm on the samba drums.