CERERE MIND MEITHEAL #1: Portrane, Co. Dublin

Date Saturday, 29th September 2018

Time 14:00 – 16:30

Location Noel McAllister’s field (off the cliff walk beside the car park at Tower Bay beach Portrane). Directions HERE

How can we enhance innovation in how the renaissance of Ireland’s heritage cereals is imagined and practiced? How can we integrate scientific and practical knowledge from seed to fork across the process of food production and consumption? A starting point is bringing diverse people together. Artist Deirdre O’Mahony’s Mind Meitheal brings together a group of people expert and passionate about cereals. On 29th September we will focus on cultivation in North County Dublin. 

The event will  take place in a marquee in a field, which in winter 2018 will be sown with Eicorn and Emmer Wheat. The Mind Meitheal exposition of different actors’ experiences, knowledges, and perspectives will be documented through audio recording and photography.

Light refreshments will be served and there will be a screening of  All Bread Is Made of Wood  commissioned by Fingal County Council & Curated by Anne Mullee, featuring artists Fiona Hallinan & Sabina MacMahon.

Mind Meitheal Panel: Each panellist will speak for 5 minutes.

Deirdre O’Mahony Artist

Dr Áine Macken Walsh, Department of Agri-Food Business and Spatial Analysis, REDP, Teagasc

Larry McGuinness, Farmer

Shane Palmer Scéal Bakery, Dublin

Anne Mullee, Curator/Artist All Bread Is Made of Wood

Michael Melkis Co-Founder Irish Seedsavers

Jessica Gleman UCD Archeologist research Medieval Brewing

Dominic Gryson, Farmer. Gerry Clabby.


Mind Meitheal invited participants:

Sadhbh Gaston, CERERE Commissioned artist

Jenny Haughton, Artworking Public Art

Bridin McIntyre, Department of AgriFood Business and Spatial Analysis, REDP, Teagasc Ailbhe Murphy, Director of Create National Agency for collaborative arts Ireland. TBC Noel McAllister, Landowner/Farmer

Zack Denfeld and Catherine Kramer, Centre For Genomic Gastronomy

An Bácús Beag Bakery, Donabate. Livia Paldi, Project Arts Centre


CERERE (Cereal Renaissance in Rural Europe) is a thematic network that puts together scientists with practitioners. Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, CERERE is a multi-actor network involving farmers, food scientists, sociologists, agronomists and many others. Its aims are to raise awareness about the value of good food, to identify cereals supply chains which use low inputs, and to empower farmers and those actors who work with alternative food systems.


Led by Áine Macken-Walsh, the Irish partner in CERERE is Teagasc, Ireland’s Agriculture and Food Development Authority. The Teagasc team is responsible for producing guidance to the CERERE network’s multi-actor innovation brokering activities. In this context, a paradoxical challenge is for CERERE to achieve relevance to the multiple, existing realities of diverse actors while also stimulating innovation across those realities through multi-actor collaboration. For innovation to occur, a further challenge is that new ideas must be freighted by scientific, technological, socio-cultural and economic possibilities in the real world.

In the context of all these challenges, artistic praxis is envisioned as a powerful tool for provoking multi-actor and public engagement. Opening up CERERE to society by creating expressions of its multiple scientific, tacit, consumerist facets; using aesthetics to draw the gaze of those uninvolved in cereals to important public concerns; and renaissance of cereal identities through spectacularised gastronomy are examples of the unique contributions of public art in contemporary innovation projects.  CERERE has commissioned Deirdre O’Mahony to work with the multi-actor consortium in delivering a public art project that, although Ireland-based, is intended to provide an example Europe-wide.



Deirdre O’Mahony is an artist commissioned by CERERE to demonstrate the use of dialogical aesthetics in multi-actor processes. Where research output for the CERERE public artwork has taken two forms: Mind Meitheal, a process that provides public space for a multi-actor knowledge exposition, and a commissioned work by artist Sadhbh Gaston. Deirdre’s research took her to farmers, seed suppliers, millers, bakers and scientists. Shaped by the conversations with these different actors, Deirdre has devised two Mind Meitheal multi-actor events in partnership with cultural organisations, the first in Fingal, Co. Dublin and the second at Tulca Visual Art Festival, Galway. Sadhbh Gaston’s artwork uses cross stitch to produce pixelated images of heritage cereal seeds, varieties that until recently were considered irrelevant to modern farming. Four embroidered images of Irish landrace and heritage cereal seeds, accompanied by a narrative of the specific seed in relation to CERERE in Ireland, will be presented in archival box frames for the duration of Tulca’s ‘Syntonic State’.





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