Resort revelations

Launch 7th of September 2018 Lynders Mobile Home Park, 7pm
Resort Revelations Exhibition and Programme will be officially launched by
Councillor Anthony Lavin Mayor of Fingal
Evening includes Exhibition of New Work by Ciaran Murphy,Bennie Reilly,,Difference Engine & Marie Farrington

A performance of work by Jessica Foley of Difference Engine along the coast and a Whist Drive  to introduce Bennie Reilly’s Souvenirs of Portrane,Resort Revelations limited  edition card decks
Souvenir Decks of cards will be available free to visitors of the exhibition and some will be available at the Cabinet of Curiosities at Newbridge House a for those attending tours of Bennie Reilly’s work there.

Refreshments served.

All Welcome

 Bennie Reilly Souvenirs of Portrane
A selection of natural curiosities collected on the beaches of Portrane including highly unusual seashells, strange rock formations and other questionable artefacts.
Bennie will present work in The Cabinet of Curiosities at Newbridge House and at Lynders Mobile Home Park.
Tours of the work at Newbridge House will take place on Saturday 8th, Saturday 14th September at  2pm, 3pm
Tours will include a tour of the house are free. Booking Essential

A bespoke, limited edition playing card deck featuring Bennie Reilly ’s curiosities will be available to visitors to the exhibition at Lynders and Newbridge House throughout the Exhibition. This limited edition of playing cards was inspired by the collecting pursuits of Fanny  Cobbe at Newbridge House when she collected new shells she fashioned little boxes out of playing cards. This special edition made for Resort Revelations 2018 is in reference to this historical work but also to the leisure activities prompted by the chance to reside at Lynders Home Park while being off-line.

Marie Farrington See, Level 2018
Marie explores the surfaces and patterns associated with the Mobile Home Parks, the corrugated textures, the striped facades, the functional domestic elements of windows and doors through sculpture. Using plaster mixed with Portrane seawater, the medium is mixed with the site where the unremarkable becomes the monumental.

Lynders Mobile Home Park,7th of – 15th September.

Ciaran Murphy I,Sea, 2018
Ciaran Murphy has produced a large series of small-scale enigmatic paintings in a variety of media. Their format and quantity evoke a feeling that you have unrolled a set of negatives which have documented a journey or an encounter of an otherworldly place. The works are unsettling, fragmented, where the familiar, clouds and rocks and sea creatures are rendered strange while other things are ambiguous but familiar, objects seem in flux, things float and at times seem barely there as the eye comes into a focus. Through the residency work was allowed to begin, gestate, recommence again and through this, the artist acknowledges that this process allows for slippages, changes in direction, re-interpretation of meanings, forgetting and recalling which adds to the dreamlike sequence of these new works.

The Studio at Lynders Mobile Home Park, 7th – 15th September

Special Event: Workshop Masterclass  with Ciaran Murphy

Saturday 15th of September 11am

 Workshop: Ciaran Murphy invites participants to join him in an observational drawing workshop situated along the sites which have inspired the new work.

Now that almost everyone has ready access to a camera phone and can take a picture without much thought or effort, what is the point of trying to draw or paint outdoors? Perhaps ready access to cameras has eroded our ability to look more closely at the world. Drawing demands both close observation and to be faced with the challenge of interpreting a world in motion. It also involves facing the gap between intentions and outcomes.This practical workshop will explore some of these key challenges and approaches to drawing and painting outdoors. It will begin by introducing some approaches taken from art history before venturing outside to explore the seascape.

.All materials provided

Spaces are limited. Booking Essential: Gather at The Studio at Lynder’s Mobile Home Park – 087 1201924 if lost or need directions

 Ciaran Murphy  Since the first solo presentation of Murphy’s paintings in Dublin, 2005, Murphy’s work has achieved considerable international critical success, with solo exhibitions in Kavi Gupta Gallery Chicago, Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin. Group shows include ‘The Line of Beauty’ in The Irish Museum of Modern Art. A work was recently purchased by The Museum of Modern Art, Dublin as part of it’s Hennessy art fund program. His work is held in many other public and private collections throughout the world.



Difference Engine at Resort Revelations
Difference Engine is an evolving touring exhibition, a model of autonomous artist curation, by artists Mark Cullen, Wendy Judge, Gillian Lawler & Jessica Foley. We have adopted the name Difference Engine as a kind of poetic motto for working together creatively, pragmatically and critically. They particularly enjoy Babbage’s aphorism that “Jamming is a form of Error Detection,” and take this as a slogan for our collective experimentation and collaboration.

Difference Engine operates similarly to oral storytelling, where the story changes each time it is spoken. This story is made up of visuals, objects and props, as well as words. There isn’t one set narrative, and so there is a call to the audience to build their own associations and narratives from the pieces we present and organise in the exhibition space. The works brought together through Difference Engine weave personal concerns with concepts of science, geologic time, language, architecture and economics.

Mark Cullen & Gillian Lawler
‘On and on and on and on and on’ Inversion I/II

Maze, Windbreakers Sculpture,2018, Created and  located on- site
You are invited to explore the Lynder’s Maze. Made from the most typical and idiosyncratic objects of beach holidays in our western windy islands – the coloured and stripped windbreaker. Hidden within the maze is a series of chambers with sculptural inversions waiting to be discovered. The maze itself is based on an aperiodic binary tiling of the plane – a randomised process where a 50 cent coin decided the direction of each square on the mazes grid – either diagonally up or down.  Be warned – once entering you may be lost for a considerable time…

Gillian Lawler
Inversion I, II and III 2018
This new work infuses the idea of place, organisation, relocation and transformation through different states of being. Submerged into the earth, Inversion I, II, and III reveal an opening between two worlds, a plantation of infinite voids, leading somewhere else. Recurring checkerboard motifs accentuate a definite but skewed anti-perspective, which herein add to a surreal, dreamlike sense of discomfort, where what appears to have been planned according to a perspectival logic is withheld and subverted.

Jessica Foley
The nature poem is a mainstay of the tradition of poetry, it’s a way of thinking with and telling about the physical world and the time and conditions we’re living through.
Thinking with the smaller geology and local lore of Lynder’s Caravan Park, Holes is a nature poem that speaks to a human desire for intimacy and autonomy. Set on the cliff-edge temporality of Portrane, Holes works as both a foil and a medium, opening up an oblique space to appreciate contradictions, harms and benefits of internet phenomena through mutual acts of speaking and listening. Following a live reading on the launch of RESORT Revelations , the poem will become portable through a wireless sound lantern for visitors to experience in relation to the wider exhibition.

Performance at Resort Revelations 2018 with speaker and piece available throughout the exhibition located on-site. 7th -15th of September

Wendy Judge
Land Grabs, biting back
Large Digitally Manipulated Photographic Images, Printed on Vinyl
Land Grabs will be located at selected sites on and in proximity to Lynders Mobile Home Park

7th to the 15th of September 2018

Land Grabs are a series of works that look at re-imaging the surface.
These photography sculptures came about from walks taken every day from Lynder’s Caravan Park with a camera along the rocky coast around to the cliff walk and back.
The Images are local but look for the unexpected, the lyrical and the literary within the landscapes at one’s feet.Portrane is a place that conjures up the fantastical
Sea monsters ancient cave creatures and just the everyday brilliance of what rolls in off the tide and lurks under the rocks.

Special Event Saturday 8th of September
11am – 1pm
Jessica Foley Writing Workshop Lynders Mobile Home Residency Space

Worldizing in the Modh Cionniollach:
A writing workshop to see what condition our condition is in.

Worldizing (a term/technique developed by Walter Murch in the 1970’s) is about bringing sounds from one place into another and making a audio recording. The Modh Cionniollach is a tense in the Irish language that involves making affirmative statements in the conditional mood. This writing workshop will introduce you to both of these ideas and explore how they might help illuminate our relationship to technology and our sense of future through the wonderful world of the Gantt Chart.

No knowledge of the Irish language or Gantt Charts is necessary for this workshop. Materials will be provided. Come with an open ear and mind. Booking Essential.

Special Event Workshop with Difference Engine
Image Engine: A Drawing Workshop
Saturday 8th Lynders Mobile Home Residency Space.
2.30pm – 3.30pm

Image Engine is  a short speedy workshop into colliding images where piles
Piles of words meet your machinic imaginations where exploding thoughts are drawn onto paper where labyrinths are decoded while the corpse is reconceived exquisitely
Work with Difference Engine artists on creating coloured drawings on paper using imaginative techniques that help generate exciting and playful sketches, with an introduction to ‘exquisite corpse’ one of the favourite drawing games of the surrealists and a brief look at the Celtic maze and its drawn construction.
Places limited, Booking Essential   Materials Provided suitable for all ages from 7 upwards.
Exhibition opens Daily 10am – 5pm at Lynders Mobile Home Park, Brochure, Maps and Specila Edition Playing Card Deck by Bennie Reilly will be available to all visitors as a gift

For booking please
Contact: Caroline Cowley Public Art Co-ordinator,, 01 870 8449