Resort revelations

We are delighted to welcome back artists engaged on last year’s exploratory Resort Residency for this year’s Resort Revelations Programme which will be live during the annual Bleeding Pig Festival.

Launch 3rd of September at Lynders Mobile Home Park with The Bleeding Pig Cultural Festival

We are thrilled that Councillor Mary McCamley- Mayor of Fingal will officially launch the programme and she will be joined by the Chief Executive of Fingal County Council , Paul Reid.

Resort Revelations; Vanessa Daws  is hosting 3 boat trips with Eoghan Kiernan of Fish &Trips that will bring the audience to the location of the John Tayleur Wreckage, the boat will also circumnavigate Lambay and will depart from Malahide Marina. Places Limited, Booking Essential.
At 9.30am,12pm & 2.15pm

A full evening schedule has been programmed which includes a special performance of Earthbound – by Catherine Barragry which features a live choral work which has been composed by composer Sean Mc Arlaine  and features local professional singers Cliona Ardiff, Susan E Bowen, Jill Kiernan & Donna Wearen and is accompanied by a guidebook text piece devised by Catherine. Vanessa Daws will host a special talk with  former diver of the RMS Tayleur wreckage which is located off Lambay Island along with marine archaeologist Eoghan Kiernan who has dived the site in recent times, this is part of her work title Other Space- Underwater Explorations of the RMS Tayleur.

The Bleeding Pig Cultural Festival will launch their fantastic programme on the night with a performance featuring local talent, a full line up of the events at this year’s festival can be found on

Refreshments served

Lynders Mobile Home Park.

Sunday 10th of September at Lynders Mobile Home Park at 2pm

Resort Revelations :Deirdre O’Mahony Presents – Spoilt Fruit Feast

Food and conversation will revolve around an oversized, strawberry jam pot made by Garnet McCulloch and a large strawberry blancmange in the shape of a house made with carrageenan (Chondrus crispus). The ceramic strawberry and the house will serve as the focus for the event, provoking questions about ethical and sustainable food production through the material history of a food that was once central to the economy of North County Dublin at a pivotal moment as housing supersedes food production in the area.Strawberry Fare will be available for sampling and will also feature a reading by Peig McManus, local writer on the experience of working on the Donabate fruit farms.Places limited, booking essential.

September 10th, 11th, 12th,13th Alan James Burns returns to the Smugglers Cave with his work entirely hollow aside from the dark.

The work, created and inspired by Portrane and part of Resort Revelations 2016 was awarded the Arts Council of Ireland’s prestigious Touring Award Grant, which sees Alan James Burns adapting his production to a number of cave locations in Ireland, but returning to Portrane, it’s original location as part of the tour.

Limited places will apply and booking details will be  available at and

All times and dates subject to change and confirmation please visit &

Resort Revelations is curated and produced by Caroline Cowley – Public Art Co-ordinator

For details please contact P.01 870 8449